The Big 4 Playbook

The Insider's Guide to Earning a Job at a Big 4 Accounting Firm

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In The Big 4 Playbook, Russell Benavides, CPA, walks you through each step of the Big 4 recruiting process and shows how YOU TOO can become an accountant at Deloitte, E&Y, KPMG, or PwC.

Once inside, you will learn how to shape yourself into an ideal Big 4 candidate as well as gain valuable knowledge about the Big 4 social events, interviews, and internship.

Along the way, Russell offers one-of-a-kind insights from his personal Big 4 recruiting experience: the mistakes he made, the lessons he learned, and how he molded himself into a well-respected Big 4 accountant.


Reason One

Ideal Big 4 Recruit

I will outline the WINNING qualities firms look for in Big 4 recruits and how I made myself into one.
Reason Two

Recruiting 101

I will walk you through the entire Big 4 recruiting process and give you PRICELESS advice on how to master each step.
Reason Three

Interview Tips

Learn what Big 4 accounting interview questions are most important and how you can create PERFECT ANSWERS for you.
Reason Four

Social Events

Overcome your Big 4 social event FEARS and learn how to STAND OUT during Big 4 social events.
Reason 5

Audit or Tax?

I worked in both. Read my insights on each to help you decide whether Audit or Tax is BEST for YOU.
Reason Six

The Internship

Follow my proven advice during your Big 4 internship and YOU too will become a 5-STAR intern like I was.

About Russell

Hi, I'm Russell, author of The Big 4 Playbook and a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) in Texas.

Before writing The Big 4 Playbook, I had the privilege of working as an auditor and tax consultant for several years for a Big 4 Accounting Firm. I am one of the few CPAs to serve as both an audit senior and a tax senior for a Big 4 Firm. During my time at the Big 4, the clients I served included Fortune 500 and Fortune 1000 companies, government organizations, hedge funds, and more.

I earned my Bachelor of Science in Accounting from Boston College and my Masters in Accounting from Vanderbilt University. I experienced the rigors of the Big 4 recruiting process at both levels of my college career, and I created The Big 4 Playbook to share the lessons I learned along the way with you.

When You Download the Big 4 Playbook, You Will Instantly Receive

15,000 Word Guide

15,000 Word Guide

Walks you through each step of the Big 4 recruiting process and details my PROVEN strategies on how to earn a Big 4 accounting job.
Actionable Checklist for Accountants

Actionable Checklist

As a supplement to the guide, Russell has created a Do-It-Yourself Checklist that breaks out the important steps of the Big 4 hiring process and helps you to craft WINNING strategies unique to you.

But Wait, You Will Also Receive For FREE

Big 4 Partner Questions and Answers

Q & A With Current High Level Big 4 Leaders

I am throwing in for FREE my one-on-one interviews with PARTNERS and SENIOR MANAGERS at Big 4 Accounting Firms RIGHT NOW.  In the interviews, each one answers 5 BURNING QUESTIONS all Big 4 candidates should know. Each reveals secrets as to what they look for in an ideal big 4 candidate. That’s one of a kind insight from individuals with over 50 YEARS of experience at Big 4 Accounting Firms. Each one of them alone charges clients over $400 per hour and I am throwing in their valuable answers to BURNING questions for FREE.
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    “The Big 4 Playbook was the solution to all of my Big 4 recruiting questions. Russell does a great job of laying out all the steps you need to consider when trying to get a job at the Big 4. His interview tips are really helpful and I will definitely use them in my interviews this fall.”

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The Big 4 Playbook

The Insider's Guide to Earning a Job at a Big 4 Accounting Firm

Purchase The Big 4 Playbook on Amazon